10 best Small kitchen design ideas under 100 sq. ft.

Find small kitchen design inspiration in this guide, along with essential cost estimates for your kitchen project. Find out the expenses associated with various kitchen components and get information about the starting price of an L-shaped kitchen. Create your dream space efficiently with these valuable insights.

Whether you’re a culinary expert or a newbie in the kitchen, a well-designed culinary space is indispensable. However, two primary challenges often arise the constraints of a compact kitchen and budget concerns. Balancing small kitchen design and cost efficiency is the key to culinary bliss.

In this comprehensive guide, we will help you accurately estimate the expenses involved in your kitchen design project. Also, if you’re working with a compact kitchen, discover expert tips for creating a more spacious appearance and check out the excellent compact kitchen designs by Livspace for inspiration.

Calculating the Cost of Your Dream Kitchen

Before diving into your interior project, determining the budget is paramount, especially for small kitchen designs. Various factors can affect the cost of your kitchen, and we’ll highlight some of them below to help you plan effectively.

  • kitchen size
  • scope of work
  • Materials used
  • Additional Kitchen Accessories
Scope of WorkCost Range*Notes
Modular₹1,60,000 to ₹1,76,000Parallel kitchen design
with modular cabinets
and fittings
Flooring₹130 to ₹250 per sq. ft.Flooring will be present
in most cases.
The price
mentioned is for
a renovation done
with cost-effective
options like tiles
instead of something
expensive like marble
CeilingPaint – ₹22 to ₹30 per sq. ft.
Gypsum – ₹180 to ₹250 per sq. ft.
Gypsum false
ceiling including
Backsplash/DadoTile Base Price – ₹60 to ₹250 per sq. ft.
Imported Tiles – Upto ₹1000 per sq. ft.
Installation Charges – ₹120 to ₹200 per sq. ft.
Backpainted Glass – ₹600 to ₹950 per sq. ft.
Imported tiles come
with special finishes.
Installation charges
will vary based
on size and
pattern of tiles.
Granite and quartz
are other
backsplash material
CountertopQuartz of Brand
Kalinga Stone – ₹48,000 to ₹1,08,000 per slab
Granite – ₹750 to ₹900 per sq. ft.
For quartz, the size
dimensions are
3.15m x 1.45m.
Cost for both
includes transportation
and installation.
Cost varies due to
material cost
Electricals₹12,000 to ₹18,000Includes electrical points
for hob, chimney,
Aquaguard, OTG, fridge,
microwave and light
points, if needed
*All prices mentioned in this article exclude 18% GST.

These estimated prices are approximate. The actual cost of your kitchen design may vary depending on factors like your city, labor charges, materials, design complexity, and size of the kitchen.

Cost Estimating by Kitchen Size: A Guide

The size of your kitchen affects the cost significantly. Consider these approximate price ranges for kitchens of different sizes.

Kitchen SizeCost Range*
Small (6ft by 8ft)₹1,32,174 to ₹1,53,458
Medium (8ft by 10ft)₹1,69,200 to ₹1,99,253
Large (10ft by 16ft)₹2,36,580 to ₹2,75,454
Please note: The prices mentioned are starting estimates covering modular cabinets and fittings only, excluding 18% GST and handling charges. Your final kitchen design cost may fluctuate depending on factors such as location, labor costs, material choices, design complexity, and kitchen dimensions. It is important to take these variables into account in your budget planning.

Estimating Costs for Your Kitchen Layout

In kitchen design, four primary layout options exist, with the L-shaped configuration being the preferred option in India. To increase storage or countertop space, consider incorporating a peninsula or island into your kitchen design. These versatile layouts cater to different needs and preferences.

Kitchen LayoutCost Range*
One Wall₹1,57,691 to ₹1,73,460
Parallel₹1,60,000 to ₹1,76,000
L-Shaped₹1,44,256 to ₹1,58,682
U-Shaped₹1,66,519 to ₹1,83,170
Please note that the prices mentioned represent preliminary estimates, including only modular cabinets and fittings, exclusive of 18% GST and handling charges. Your kitchen design expense can fluctuate depending on factors such as location, labor rates, material choices, design complexity, and dimensions of your kitchen. It is important to consider these variables when planning your budget.

Cost-Cutting Tips for Small Kitchen Design

Creating the kitchen of your dreams may be constrained by your budget. Explore affordable options for limited budgets while exploring high-cost investments that enhance convenience and aesthetics. With these options, you can bring your kitchen vision to life, regardless of your financial constraints.

Budget FinishLaminate
Cost-Effective Countertop MaterialGranite*
Economical Backsplash MaterialTiles**
Economical InvestmentsBasic shelf and
drawer units
high cost smart investmentsspecific units such as
Pantry Unit, Tambour Unit, Magic
Corner units and wicker baskets
Consider jet-black granite for its low maintenance. Opt for 1×1 or 2×2 square-patterned tiles for a budget-friendly choice.

Maximizing Space: Small Modular Kitchen Design

Small kitchen interiors are common in modern flats. Follow these clever tips to create the illusion of spaciousness in your small kitchen design.

  • Neutral Colours – Light colors like white, beige and cream can create a bright, airy atmosphere, visually expanding the space of a compact kitchen.
  • Reflective Finishes – Opt for shiny, reflective finishes to create the illusion of space in small rooms.
  • The mix of Open and Closed Cabinetry – Balancing closed shelves with open shelves in your kitchen adds a sense of spaciousness while preserving functionality.
  • Simple Dado Design – In small kitchens, stay away from bold designs. Instead, choose simple backsplash designs in neutral colors to promote a sense of spaciousness and harmony.
  • Maximum Lighting – In addition to natural light, incorporate various artificial lighting elements like spotlights and under-cabinet lights to illuminate and enhance the functionality of your kitchen.

Space Saving Ideas: 10 Small Kitchen Designs

Looking for small kitchen inspiration? Check out sleek Livspace designs designed for spaces under 100 square feet. Discover innovative ideas for compact kitchens.

#1. Transforming Spaces: L to C-Shaped Kitchen


Size: 100 sq. ft. approx.

  • In this small kitchen makeover, we have maximized the space by removing the existing RCC lofts and optimizing the layout for functionality and aesthetics.
  • Additionally, we replaced the old L-shaped counters with C-shaped counters, significantly expanding the workspace available in kitchen design.

#2. Small Kitchen Secrets: Adding Extra Countertop


Size: 100 sq. ft. approx.

  • In this Indian-style small kitchen design, an additional counter near the window cleverly accommodates three cooks, optimizing functionality and making food preparation easier.
  • The parallel layout fits effectively into a long, corridor-like space.

#3. Compact modular kitchen design

  • Using a light color palette enhances the openness of the kitchen and creates a huge visual impact.
  • Incorporating ample white on countertops and floors contributes to the open and airy aesthetic of the space.
  • To optimize storage, our designers integrated both open and closed storage racks, along with wicker baskets and spice racks.

#4. Smart small kitchen: adding extra utility


The parallel layout creates additional cooking and preparation space, which is enhanced by an additional utility counter at the end of the aisle.

Size: 100 sq. ft. approx.

  • In this Indian style small kitchen design, our designer preserved the parallel layout while introducing an additional utility area at one end for enhanced functionality and convenience.
  • This expansion added additional length, resulting in a more functional and spacious area for both food preparation and cooking.

#5. Max Walls: Modular Kitchen


In limited spaces, choose thin spice racks for efficient storage.

Size: 70 sq. ft. approx.

  • Maximizing wall space with wide cabinetry in this small kitchen design creates the illusion of a longer and more spacious ceiling.
  • Furthermore, the combination of light and dark wood colors enhances the spatial openness in this kitchen design.

#6. Small space, big comfort: senior friendly kitchen


From a dark and uninspiring space, we have made a remarkable transformation, introducing features that ensure safety and accessibility of the kitchen for senior citizens.

Size: 75 sq. ft. approx.

  • The elderly benefit from cabinetry equipped with user-friendly grip handles for effortless use.
  • To prevent kitchen accidents, anti-skid flooring ensures safety and stability.

#7. Indian Cooking-Focused Design

2024 Interior designer in Ahmedabad

The dark blue color on the lower cabinets protects against curry stains, and the kid-friendly anti-scratch acrylic finish ensures durability and longevity.

Size: 100 sq. ft. approx.

  • This compact kitchen design is perfectly tailored to suit the demands of Indian-style cooking.
  • A white color palette expands the kitchen, complemented by dark lower cabinets to protect against unsightly Indian curry stains and oil spills.
  • Easy-to-clean anti-scratch acrylic cabinetry paired with a Moroccan tile backsplash to protect against oil stains, ensuring both convenience and style.
  • White quartz countertop, despite its color, is low-maintenance due to its non-porous nature, which offers resistance against stubborn stains.

#8. Maximizing Space: Parallel Kitchen Design


Vibrant lime green accents, when paired with a neutral backsplash and wood floors, enhance the overall aesthetics of the kitchen, creating a striking visual impact.

Size: 100 sq. ft. approx.

  • Indian-style modular kitchen design ideas in parallel layouts effectively optimize the available workspace.
  • Efficiently equipped with storage solutions, this small kitchen follows the golden triangle rule, ensuring an ergonomic and functional layout.

#9. Small Modular Kitchen: Perfect Vastu Design


As per Vaastu principles, it is important not to place the hob (fire) and sink (water) next to each other.

Size: 90 sq. ft. approx.

  • In line with Vaastu principles, the use of yellow color symbolizing sunlight and fire ensures compliance in this Indian kitchen design.
  • In following Vaastu principles, placing the hob and sink on separate counters complies with the rules governing fire and water elements.

#10. White Magic: Stylish, Small, and Low-Maintenance


Adopting an all-white theme gives an airy and spacious feel to this compact kitchen, creating an inviting and open ambiance.

Size: 100 sq. ft. approx.

  • All-white cabinetry creates the illusion of spaciousness in this small kitchen design.
  • The G4 stone countertop is resistant to stains, while the anti-scratch properties of the acrylic cabinets make this kitchen design easy to clean and maintain.

How Can dpod studio Help You?

  • dpod studio Kitchens feature DuraBuild cabinets, featuring AquaBlock and AntiBubble technologies, backed by precision-engineered manufacturing for top quality and durability.
  • Explore our wide range of kitchen designs with a solid 10 year warranty* for both modular and semi-modular products.
  • We meticulously subject our kitchens to 146 quality checks, guaranteeing exceptional quality and craftsmanship in every detail.

*Applicable to specific finishes on modular products. To review complete warranty terms, visit

For a breathtaking kitchen design, your search ends here. Schedule an online consultation with DePod Studio today. Check out dpod studio reviews to see how our customers have experienced working with us.

Your feedback matters! Feel free to share your ideas or suggestions with us at We’re here to listen and help.

Disclaimer: Please note that all content in this story is accurate at the time of publication. References to costs, budgets, materials, finishes and products from the dpod studio collection are subject to change as per current rates. Additionally, featured designs may vary depending on year of construction of the home and availability. We encourage you to consult with our designers for the latest information regarding pricing, availability and the latest design offerings.


    Unlocking Kitchen Joy: Tackle 10+ Real Storage Problems With These Proven Solutions

    Real Storage Problems – From optimizing cabinet storage to pantry organization, affordably revamp your kitchen with these simple space-saving ideas. Increase efficiency without breaking the bank!

    At the heart of every home, the kitchen reigns supreme, witnessing a whirlwind of daily activities. Still, inadequate storage can disturb this important space. no fear! Our unique kitchen storage solutions will eliminate clutter and transform your culinary haven into an organized oasis, freeing your everyday life from the clutches of chaos. Say goodbye to kitchen storage problems with our expert advice!

    Discover common kitchen storage problems and simple solutions on our blog. Deal with clutter like a pro with our expert tips!

    Table of Contents

    Real Storage Problems #1: Accessing Cooking Essentials in a Flash!

    When we say “essentials,” we’re talking about the flavor-packed heroes of the kitchen: spices, seasonings, oils, sauces, herbs, and more.


    Solution: Open Storage

    Discover the balance between closed and open storage on our blog. Closed storage exudes charm and low maintenance, while open shelves provide quick access during busy mornings. Achieve perfect harmony for a stress-free kitchen experience!

    Stuck in Problem #2? Taking kitchen accessibility mastery to the extreme!

    Typically, this is an overlooked corner space in an L or U-shaped kitchen. Explore how to maximize this often underutilized area.


    Don’t be fooled by its perceived expense; This kitchen gem is a game-changer. Those tricky corner spaces that often go to waste find new life with rotating shelves. Unlock hidden potential effortlessly!

    Cracking the Code of Kitchen Storage: Conquering Problem #3 – Pots and Pans Space!

    Visual accessibility—no need to search for essentials; It’s right in front of you!


    Hooks, racks, or magnetic strips: your secret weapons for a clutter-free kitchen!

    While pots and pans may fit on shelves, a comfortable fit and visibility are important for daily convenience. Find efficient storage solutions that make your cookware easily accessible and perfectly organized.

    Increase your kitchen efficiency with three simple storage solutions! Embrace the convenience of pot and pan hooks, keep frequently used cookware at arm’s reach with a dedicated rack, or go high-tech with magnetic straps for seamless wall access. Explore these game-changing ideas for a well-organized culinary space!

    Ingredient hunting no more! Solution to Problem #4: Organizing Your Kitchen for Easy Access

    Finding ingredients is a common problem in shared kitchens. Find out how a well-structured storage system can save the day, ensuring you’ll always have what you need – even if things wander from their intended place!


    Kitchen Magic: Solve the Storage Puzzle with a Tall Unit and Pantry Pull-Out Solution!

    Simplify your kitchen storage strategy with a game-changing solution – a tall cabinet. With enough space to hold all your groceries, you’ll never misplace items. Explore the convenience of the Pantry Pull-Out, a brilliant cabinet innovation designed to easily hold and organize all your spices. Say goodbye to kitchen clutter!

    Countertop chaos ensues! How to Overcome Problem #5 and Keep Your Kitchen Clean

    A cluttered countertop often results from an overabundance of tools and essential items. Organize your space for a cleaner, more efficient kitchen.


    Wall-mounted wonder: A solution to clutter with built-in appliances

    Customize your kitchen design with built-in appliances and wall-mounted essentials like knives and chopping boards. Create ample prep space and a sleek, clutter-free countertop for a functional and stylish culinary haven.

    Solution to try: Tackle problem #6 and keep everyday vegetables neatly stored!

    Uncover creative options for storing non-refrigerated vegetables without sacrificing precious floor space. Explore innovative ideas to keep your kitchen efficient and visually appealing.


    Wicker Wonders: The Ultimate Solution For Stylish And Organized Storage!

    Explore the wonders of wicker baskets, the modern kitchen storage revelation. These breathable wonders retain the freshness of vegetables, are lightweight and easy to clean. Perfectly suited for modular setups, they seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, making them the ideal choice for your modular kitchen storage needs. Step up your kitchen game with these versatile baskets!

    The Spoonful Solution: Conquering the Chaos of Missing Utensils – Problem #7 Solved!

    For those elusive forks, soup spoons and beaters – smart kitchen storage solutions could be the answer you’ve been looking for.


    Cutlery chaos no more: The ultimate solution – get the solution from Cutlery Tray!

    Say goodbye to cutlery chaos with the Simple Cutlery Tray! This clever accessory has slots for a variety of utensils, ensuring you’ll always have what you need in one convenient place. And for those who have an extensive cutlery collection, don’t hesitate to double up – keep two trays in separate drawers to prevent a never-ending battle of spoons and forks for space in your kitchen. Have harmony and organization at your fingertips!

    Protecting Precious China: Solving Problem #8 with Style and Care

    Stacking your utensils on top of each other? It’s time to break that habit to create a more organized and efficient kitchen!


    Elevate Your Dining Experience: Problem-Solved with Thali Basket Solutions!

    Customize your kitchen’s bottom drawer with a game-changing addition – the thali basket. This innovative stand creates space between plates, preventing collisions and chips, and ensuring your dinnerware stays pristine and organized.

    Raise a Glass to Storage Solution: Conquer Problem #9 with Class!

    Are you tired of the dust-coated glasses of your cabinets? Learn how to keep your glassware shiny, clean, and ready to use with our kitchen storage tips!


    Sip in Style: The Reverse Solution to the Glassware Storage Problem!

    Eliminate dusty glasses with a simple but effective storage hack – hang them upside down! This clever solution not only keeps your glassware pristine but also reduces the risk of them shattering by keeping them safely away from the cabinet. Discover the art of dust-free, chip-free glassware storage today!

    Appliance Overload: Regain Your Kitchen’s Counter Space with Problem #10 Solution!

    Storing tools on your countertop can hinder easy access to them when needed. Find space-saving solutions for a clutter-free and efficient kitchen setup.


    Maximizing Space and Efficiency: Keep appliances hidden in your tall unit for the ultimate solution!

    Tackle kitchen storage challenges with a dedicated tall unit for your appliances. Ideal for grinders, mixers and ovens, this vertical storage solution ensures easy access while hiding visual clutter and preserving valuable counter space. Streamline your kitchen and keep your tools at your fingertips with this smart organizational strategy!

    Sleek & Space-Saving: Problem #11 solved with a streamlined 4-burner gas stove!

    In today’s urban kitchen, is a freestanding 4-burner gas stove the best choice for increasing cooking efficiency and style? Explore the pros and cons on our blog.

    Kitchen Makeover: How Built-in Hobs/Gas Stoves Can Save Your Cooking Space!

    In our time-crunched lives, efficiency in the kitchen is a top priority. The 4-burner gas stove is a boon, enabling multitasking without compromising on culinary variety. Still, in compact urban kitchens, a freestanding 4-burner stove can create clutter. Visit our blog to strike the right balance between convenience and aesthetics in your modern kitchen.

    Explore a unique but important modular kitchen storage concept—built-in hobs or gas stoves. These innovative additions not only streamline your cooking space, but also hide unsightly wires and cables, maintaining the sleek and clutter-free aesthetics of your modern kitchen. Learn how to seamlessly blend style and functionality in your culinary space on our blog.

    Upgrade your kitchen with built-in hobs that offer a sleek, contemporary look while providing modern convenience. Say goodbye to lighters and matchsticks, as these hobs boast a pulse ignition feature, making cooking faster, safer and more efficient. Elevate your culinary experience with our latest kitchen innovation insights on the blog!

    Want to know how dpod studio can help you? Check out our blog to learn how we can make your life better!

    • Unlock the potential of your kitchen with our huge selection of over 2 million catalog products. Customize and upgrade your space with ease!
    • Rely on our expert designers to create a home tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle, guided by the best design principles. Your dream destination is our mission!
    • Trust us for excellence – Our materials are top-tier, branded, precision-engineered, and undergo rigorous 146-point quality assessment. Your satisfaction is our commitment!

    Are you ready to dive deeper into the space of your dreams? Schedule an online consultation with dpod studio today. Your ideas and suggestions matter to us—contact us at We’re here to listen!


      The magic of unlocking kitchen cabinets: 7 popular materials for stunning spaces

      Discover the right selection for your modular kitchen, navigating materials and finishes in this comprehensive guide for discerning homeowners.

      Is it really necessary to think carefully when choosing kitchen cabinet materials? Absolutely! These materials serve as the foundation for a sturdy, modular kitchen cabinets. Modular kitchens consist of individual modules assembled on-site, allowing diverse material choices between modules, and enhancing functionality and aesthetics.

      Mastering the Art of the Modular Kitchen: Your Quick Component Guide

      Seeking simplicity in cooking, we crave modular kitchens, but their intricacies remain a mystery. Unlike their traditional counterparts, modular kitchens consist of modules assembled to suit the space and function. Designed in factories, they come to life at home and revolutionize kitchen dynamics.

      Revolutionary modular kitchens are reconfigurable, consisting of separate cabinet modules. Effortlessly adapt and reshape your kitchen.

      Transform your kitchen to suit your lifestyle and budget with strategic changes. Explore material options and their characteristics to guide your cabinet choices for the kitchen that is uniquely yours.

      Behind the scenes: Exploring the content in each module


      The body, the fundamental module structure, fuses the top, bottom, back, and side panels with mini fixes and dowels. Shutters, hardware, and hinges are mounted on this structure. The kitchen base module has adjustable PVC legs, which are concealed by skirting. This is the basic anatomy of the functionality and aesthetics of a modular kitchen.

      When exploring cabinet components, delve into the roster of popular modular kitchen cabinet materials for informed choices.

      Cracking the Code: Unveiling the Diversity of Kitchen Cabinets Materials

      Explore modular kitchen cabinet material options while balancing durability, budget and lifestyle priorities. While HDF-HMR, MDF and plywood are our favorites at Livspace (explained below), explore the full spectrum of options available.

      Particle BoardLowLow
      Stainless SteelHighHigh

      Kitchen Cabinet Material #1:MDF


      If you’re budget-conscious, choose MDF (medium-density fiberboard) as the ideal kitchen cabinet material. Cost-effective without compromising quality.

      Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) consists of bonded wood fibers, prepared from resins and heat compression. A pocket-friendly option, MDF adapts seamlessly to various finishes, enhancing its versatility.

      Modeled after engineered wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) boasts a flawless, knot-free surface superior to natural wood. Its uniformity allows for intricate grooves or profiles, perfect for achieving a timeless, traditional kitchen ambiance.

      At Dpod Studio, our MDF incorporates AquaBlock technology, which ensures moisture resiliency. Typically, MDF is the standard for kitchen cabinets, except for under-sink units and countertops, maintaining durability and functionality.

      Choose premium MDF panels, which offer better strength and smoothness than plywood or solid wood. Its cost-effectiveness makes it an excellent kitchen cabinet material.

      Kitchen Cabinet Material #2: HDF-HMR

      Kitchen Cabinet-Material-HDF-HMR

      HDF-HMR, although more expensive than MDF, is excellent in moisture resistance. Primarily deployed in moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms, it ensures long-lasting durability and protection from water-related problems.

      HDF-HMR outperforms competitors, surpassing MDF, wood and plywood with its unmatched strength and density. With a remarkable screw holding capacity 10 times greater than plywood, it guarantees lasting flexibility for your kitchen cabinets.

      For optimum quality and durability, many homeowners opt for a blend of MDF and HDF-HMR. Typically, the body is crafted from HDF-HMR, while the MDF takes center stage for the shutters, creating a harmonious balance in the modular kitchen construction.

      At Depod Studio, our commitment to sustainability is evident in our choice of HDF-HMR (5.5 mm thick) for the back panels in all our modular products including kitchens, wardrobes and storage. Located closest to the wall, these panels are at increased risk of moisture, and the moisture resistance of HDF-HMR guarantees extended longevity for our units.

      Kitchen Cabinet Material #3: Plywood


      Plywood, an engineered wood made from veneer sheets arranged in cross-grain layers, offers exceptional strength. Although it leans toward the higher cost spectrum, it still remains a favorite kitchen cabinet material. If plywood piques your interest, explore its three different types for a comprehensive understanding of this versatile option.

      • Boiling Water Resistant Ply (BWR)
      • Boiling Waterproof Ply (BWP)
      • Moisture Resistant (MR) Ply

      BWR plywood can resist moisture for up to 8 hours, while BWP plywood claims remarkable moisture resistance for up to 72 hours. To ensure that your kitchen can easily withstand challenging conditions, consider plywood cabinets for flood-prone areas.

      For moisture-prone areas like kitchen sinks or countertops, choosing plywood is a wise choice. However, avoid using plywood for shutters due to its weight, which increases the risk of displacement. It is important to strike a balance between functionality and sustainability in modular kitchen design.

      Plywood lacks the flexibility for carving or grooving. Applying laminate or acrylic to plywood retains its imperfections, interfering with the smooth finish of the cabinet. Choose materials carefully for the desired aesthetic in your kitchen cabinets.

      Cabinet Material #4: Solid Wood


      Solid wood, which was once a staple of kitchens, is now facing disapproval from interior design experts for the foundation of modular kitchens. Exposure to moisture can cause wood cabinet materials to swell or warp, necessitating a shift to more flexible options.

      Wood cabinet materials offer strength and unique aesthetics but demand careful moisture protection. The individuality of each grain adds to the beauty of the kitchen, yet caution is necessary, as the wood can swell or warp if exposed to moisture or water for prolonged periods. Strike a balance between wood’s charm and practical considerations for a sustainable kitchen.

      Kitchen Cabinet Material #5: Particle Board


      Particle board, the most economical option, poses quality concerns due to its composition of sawdust and wood waste. Its limited strength makes it unsuitable for heavy-duty applications in kitchen cabinets. Choose wisely to ensure the longevity and durability of your kitchen design.

      Reserve particle board for shutters only when budget is a primary concern. Prefer HDF-HMR or MDF for optimum quality and durability in your modular kitchen cabinets.

      Cabinet Material for Kitchen #6: PVC


      Affordable and low-maintenance, PVC stands out as a practical choice for kitchen cabinet materials. Keep your kitchen effortlessly clean and attractive with this option.

      Modern PVC kitchen boards come in both hollow and foam types. The former provides durability with no extra weight, while the latter, being lighter, presents an economical option for your kitchen cabinets.

      PVC kitchens offer easy repairability and a vibrant spectrum of color options, allowing customization and hassle-free maintenance.

      Opt for foam board instead of hollow PVC board for better strength and weight bearing capacity. Still, note that PVC is lower in durability, making it less suitable for busy, moisture-prone environments like kitchens. Balance your material choice with the specific needs of your kitchen for best results.

      Latest Cabinet Material #7: Stainless Steel


      The post-pandemic era introduced stainless steel as an emerging material for kitchen cabinets in the Indian market. Renowned for durability, complete waterproofing, and effortless cleaning, stainless steel cabinets primarily find their place in commercial kitchens, built to withstand tough, heavy-duty demands while gaining traction in residential spaces.

      Shine On: A Guide to the Diverse World of Kitchen Finishes

      Choosing the ideal kitchen cabinet material for durability is paramount, but choosing the kitchen finish is equally important. Explore the wide variety of finishes designed for modular kitchens to make an informed decision.


      1: Laminate


      For lasting finishes, laminates are the savior. Budget-friendly and moisture resistant, laminates prove to be ideal for kitchen applications, ensuring both cost-efficiency and durability in your design choices.

      Choose from matte, high gloss or textured laminates for versatile design options in your kitchen cabinet finishes.

      Price: ₹
      Maintenance: Low
      Usage: Versatile modular solutions encompass kitchens, wardrobes, study units, vanity units, TV units, and sacred Pooja spaces for a harmonious living environment.

      2: Acrylic


      Enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen with a luxurious touch by using acrylic, which is known for its glossy finish. However, be careful; This shine repels fingerprints, dirt, and stains, requiring frequent cleaning. As a gorgeous finish, acrylic leans toward the higher end of the price spectrum, ensuring a stunning but expensive kitchen upgrade.

      The acrylic finish offers a lightweight, scratch-resistant, glass-like option with a mirror-like reflection for a sleek and durable kitchen design.

      Price: ₹₹₹
      Maintenance: High
      Use: Kitchen, Cupboard and Storage Units

      3: Membrane


      For a blend of durability and beauty in your kitchen, consider a membrane finish. It is flexible, low-maintenance and easily cleaned with a wet cloth. Plus, it offers an affordable alternative to luxurious acrylic finishes, making it a practical choice for stylish, long-lasting kitchen designs.

      The membrane finish, molded under high vacuum pressure, seamlessly envelops the base material, making it perfect for panels with intricate grooves and designs, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

      Price: ₹₹₹
      Maintenance: High
      Usage: Embrace tradition with classic kitchens, wardrobes, and TV units featuring intricate grooves for timeless elegance and functional appeal.

      4: PU Paint


      Not quite satisfied with the previous options? No need to worry; We feature PU finish for an elegant touch. These finishes include painting over the shutters, offering both glossy and matte options for the classy appearance desired.

      Achieve sophistication with a high-end, long-lasting finish that instantly enhances the premium aesthetic of your home’s interior, adding a touch of sophistication to your living space.

      Price: ₹₹₹₹
      Maintenance: High
      Usage: Kitchen, Cupboards, and Storage Units

      5: Veneer


      A thin layer of natural wood, cold-pressed onto the main material with a strong adhesive, brings the warmth and beauty of wood to your interior design.

      Each veneer sheet has distinctive grains, giving your kitchen cabinets an attractive and individual appearance for a unique design.

      Price: ₹₹₹₹
      Maintenance: High
      Usage: Cupboards and Storage Units

      6: Glass


      Enhance the charm of your kitchen with glass shutters available in plain, fluted, or frosted styles. These options provide a clear view of your spices and groceries, providing an airy ambiance to your kitchen and simplifying your cooking efforts.

      Price: ₹₹₹₹
      Maintenance: Moderate
      Usage: Wall Kitchen Cabinets

      How Can dpod studio Help You?

      Our modular kitchens have a variety of module sizes and storage options to suit your specific needs and kitchen dimensions. Consult our expert designers for multiple options and best kitchen interior solutions to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

      • We offer 10 years warranty for our kitchens.
      • Our modular products are precision-engineered in advanced factory settings.
      • Furthermore, they are equipped with advanced technologies to prevent air bubbles and moisture ingress, ensuring long-lasting quality and performance.

      We value your feedback! Share your thoughts and suggestions with us at We look forward to hearing from you.

      Disclaimer: The content of this article is accurate as of the date of publication. DePod Studio costs, budgets, materials, finishes and product availability may change over time. Consult our designers for the latest pricing and product information.

      dpod studio offers a selection of materials including MDF, HDF-HMR and plywood. Choose from a range of finishes such as laminates, acrylic, membrane, PU paint, veneer and glass to suit your unique design preferences.