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Interior designer in Ahmedabad - Refer and earn ₹ 15,000 every time your friends try


Our process


Step 1

Tell your friends about us

Step 2

Your friend books us

Step 3

We pay you full here

Terms & conditions

  •  A successful referral is defined as a referred customer who places an order with thedpod and pays 50% of total order value.
  •  You will be eligible to earn referral bonus in the following cases:
    • If you are an existing customer of thedpod who has placed an order from us and have shared at least 1 successful referral
    • If you have not placed an order with thedpod but have shared 2 successful referrals with thedpod
  •  You will be eligible for either Rs.15,000 referral bonus per successful referral or home decor services worth Rs.15,000 per successful referral.
  •  Your payment will be processed as soon as any referred person makes a payment of 50% of the total order value.
  •  Your payment will be processed directly to the account linked with your profile.
  •  Minimum value of referred order should Rs. 4 Lacs.
  •  Customers already existing in the thedpod system will not be considered for the referral scheme.
  •  Referral bonus cannot be combined or adjusted against any existing payment.
  •  Thedpod reserves the right to end any or all the offers at its sole discretion without any prior notice.
  •  Thedpod reserves the right to deny any suspected illegitimate case.