West-Facing Vastu Decoded: 10 Tips For A Balanced And Joyful Life

Unlock Positive Energies: Adopt West-Facing Vastu! Invite good energy with simple tips for a harmonious home full of positivity.

Embrace Harmony In Your West-Facing Home: Thinking About Its Goodness? Whatever the direction, Vastu principles invite positive energy. While west-facing houses follow north and east, they are not inauspicious. Find 10 tips for prosperous Vastu planning.

What is a west-facing house?

A house gets the title “west facing” when its main door faces west. This means that you are facing west when you are inside the house and looking out the front door. This choice of direction can have an impact on the lighting and energy efficiency of the home. Choosing a west-facing home can invite the hot afternoon sun. However, it’s essential to consider your climate and preferences before adopting this home orientation.

Benefits of Vastu Planning of West Facing House

These are the Benefits of west-facing house:

  • Enjoying the long evening sunshine, the ambiance adds to the warmth and charm.
  • A west-facing house is suitable for people in politics, business, teaching and spiritual leadership because of its symbolic alignment and energy flow.
  • Designing a west-facing home can infuse vibrant energy, which will especially attract the youth and their enthusiasm.
  • Homes that attract good luck and abundance embody positivity and prosperity.

West Facing: Vastu Revealed – A Blessing Or A Myth For Your Home?

Determining the benefits of a west-facing house depends on Vastu guidelines. As per Vastu principles, the west direction can bestow both financial and intangible rewards. Harmoniously aligning your home with North and East, which are considered the prime directions, can be achieved through a tailored Vastu approach for a West-facing home. Following this plan can bring positivity and prosperity irrespective of the direction of the house.

Western Allure: Vastu Wisdom For Your West-Facing Residence

1. Position of the main gate in the right-wing


When following a Vastu plan for west-facing homes, the focus is on correctly setting the main door within specified ‘padas’ or steps. The home is divided into nine equal portions, beginning in the northwest corner and finishing in the southwest, as dictated by the arrangement of a west-facing dwelling. For those building or acquiring new properties, this careful placement based on Vastu principles is paramount for a harmonious abode.

In a west-facing house layout, the third to sixth positions emerge as particularly favorable positions for the main door, filling the abode with positivity and favorable energy. Alternatively, positions 1 and 2 can accommodate the main entrance if the former options are not feasible; These areas are considered neutral in the scope of west facing door Vastu. By following these guidelines, homeowners can ensure an atmosphere that blends harmony and good fortune.

2. Location of the living room as per vastu of west-facing house


Place your living room in the east, north, northeast, or north-west of your west-facing house. Strategically, place furniture along the western wall, which has the main door, to increase the flow of positive energy in your living space.

3. Vastu plan of west-facing house with the location of master bedroom

Vastu-plan-of-west-facing-house-with-the-location-of-master-bedroom - Copy

For optimum Vastu alignment in a west-facing house layout, place the master bedroom in the southwest direction. If the house is spread over multiple levels, consider placing the master bedroom on the top floor to increase positive energy flow.

4. West-facing vastu Indian house plans with kids’ room position


Vastu planning of kids bedroom in west facing house provides more flexibility in the direction. Ideally, place them in the south, west or north-west direction of the house for a harmonious arrangement.

5. Location of the guest room as per vastu of west-facing house


Following the Vastu guidelines for a west-facing home, consider setting up the guest bedroom in the north-west direction. However, before deciding on the location for the guest bedroom, prioritize the master and children’s bedrooms.

6. Location of the kitchen west-fascinating house according to Vastu


The kitchen, an important center of the home, is a symbol of well-being and positivity. Hence, followers of Vastu principles must carefully place their kitchen in the proper direction to harness its beneficial energy.

According to the west-facing house plan, place your kitchen in the south-east or north-west sector. This strategic arrangement maximizes the positive effects of the kitchen, as advised by Vastu for a west-facing house. However, it is advised to stay away from the southwest sector when choosing a location for your kitchen, while aligning your home for optimum energy flow.

7. Vastu plan of west-facing house with pooja room


In the Vastu design of a west facing house, the Puja room is of utmost importance. For optimum energy alignment, place your temple in the North-East direction as per Vastu principles. Other auspicious directions include east and north. Additionally, ensure that your pooja room is thoughtfully located away from bathrooms and stairs, as advised in the Vastu plan for a west facing house, to maintain its sanctity and harmony.

8. West-facing house with stairs


As per Vastu for west facing houses, ideally place the stairs in the south, south-west or west direction. Also, follow the principle of making them in a clockwise direction for optimum energy flow, as emphasized in the Vastu guidelines for a west facing house.

9. Right wall color for your west-facing home


Following the Vastu of a west facing house, choose colors like white, silver, yellow and beige to decorate your home. These colors enhance the prosperity and benefits coming from the west in line with the principles of west facing house plan.

In cases where the west side of your home dominates, consider adding a touch of light blue with neutral colors. Opt for safe and Vastu-neutral options like off-whites and creams to ease the dilemma of color selection, especially when the west direction is larger than the other directions.

10. Best plants for west facing home garden

West-facing gardens lack morning light but later enjoy southern solid sunlight. Ideal for daffodils, tulips and roses, they thrive in abundant sunlight, making them an excellent choice for west-facing gardens.

What should be avoided in a west-facing house?


The auspiciousness of a west-facing house in Vastu depends on following the necessary rules. As per Vastu principles, avoid building a swimming pool, water tank, or pump facing the west direction. Reserve open spaces towards the west, as they thrive in the eastern direction, which aligns with positive energy as advised by Vastu principles for a west-facing house.

Don’ts for west facing house: Water element facing west, avoid open spaces.

  • Avoid placing the main door in the 7th, 8th, or 9th position of a west facing house for optimum Vastu compliance.
  • Avoid north to south sloping plots for building your house to ensure better Vastu harmony.
  • As per Vastu, ensure a clear main entrance by avoiding obstacles like trees or obstructions in its way.
  • According to Vastu principles, do not keep the kitchen in the South-West corner of your house.
  • For best health, avoid sleeping under overhead beams or with your feet towards the door. Vastu guidance suggests otherwise.

What are the disadvantages of west facing house?

  • If your home is predominantly in the North-West or South-West direction then making your entrance Vastu compliant can be challenging.
  • Following the guidelines of Vastu for a west facing house, it can be challenging to align the length of the plot in the East-West or North-South directions.

Employ these insights to enhance the effects of this orientation, promoting harmony and positivity in your living space.

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1. Is west facing house good for Vastu?

West facing house has mixed effects in Vastu. Following the guidelines for room location, entrance and design can make it positive.

2. Who is suitable for a west-facing house?

As per Vastu beliefs, a west-facing house can be suitable for individuals in politics, business, teaching or spiritual leadership. The energies of orientation can align with their roles and aspirations. However, personal preferences and specific Vastu adjustments should also be considered.

3. Is west facing entrance door good for your home?

A west-facing entrance can be beneficial for sunlight and energy, but it is important to follow Vastu principles.

4. Which direction is best for your home?

North and East facing houses are generally considered favorable due to sunlight and positive energy, but personal factors also matter.

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