Latest 2023 ᐅ Affordable 3 BHK interior design cost in Ahmedabad

Discover the definitive guide to 3 BHK interior design costs in Ahmedabad. Explore detailed room-wise, scope of work. Find inspiration from real 3 BHK projects across various budgets, helping you create a unique and stunning interior design.

Embark on your 3 BHK interior design costs journey with confidence! Finding the perfect designer can be daunting whether it’s a new home or a renovation project. But fear not, discover expert guidance on determining your budget and making the most of your investment for a stunning transformation that exceeds your expectations.

Embark on a transparent interior design journey with dpod studio. Our comprehensive guide on 3 BHK internal design costs provides city-wise, room-wise, and service-wise breakdowns to help you plan your budget effectively. Explore real 3 BHK interior design costs homes across various budgets, gaining exclusive inspiration that empowers you to make informed decisions for your dream space. Trust dpod studio to create a unique and tailored design experience.

What Influences 3BHK Interior Design Cost?


Crack the code to determine the cost of designing your 3BHK apartment. Identify the crucial factors that impact pricing, empowering you to make informed decisions about your interior design project.

  • Location: When it comes to interior design costs, cities like Ahmedabad command higher prices due to soaring real estate rates and increased expenses for materials and services. On the other hand, smaller towns like Nadiad offer comparatively lower costs. Factor in these location-based variations while budgeting for your 3BHK interior design project.
  • Size: Designing a larger 3BHK entails a higher cost. The scale and scope of the project, along with the need for more materials, furnishings, and intricate detailing, contribute to the overall expenses. Consider the size of your 3 BHK interior design costs while planning your interior design budget accordingly.
  • Valuation: In some instances, the interior design cost can be directly correlated to the property’s cost per square foot. Therefore, if your apartment comes with a higher price tag, it is likely that the interior design cost will also be higher. Keep this in mind when budgeting for your project.
  • Design Scope: The scope of your interior design project significantly influences the overall cost. Whether you’re seeking designs for your entire home or focusing on specific areas like the kitchen, the extent of work required will impact the final expenses. Consider the scope of your project to accurately estimate the cost of achieving your desired interior design goals.
  • Renovation vs New Property: Renovating a property often incurs higher interior design costs compared to designing a new property. Extensive civil changes and repair work can increase expenses significantly. Consider the scope of renovation and potential repairs when estimating the interior design cost to ensure accurate budgeting for your project.
  • Materials: The choice of materials and finishes for cabinets, furniture, and wardrobes has a significant impact on your 3BHK interior design cost. Opting for high-quality or luxurious materials can increase expenses, while more budget-friendly options can help reduce costs. Consider your preferences and budget when making material and finish selections for an optimal balance between aesthetics and cost.

Room-Wise Breakdown: 3BHK Interior Design Packages

Embarking on a new home design or renovation project? Unlock the essential knowledge of 3 BHK interior design costs with dpod studio. We’re committed to guiding you through the entire interior design journey, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved from start to finish. Trust us to make your interior dreams a reality.

Embark on a design journey that suits your taste, be it standard, premium, or luxurious. Explore the room-wise 3 BHK interior design costs, enabling you to plan and budget accordingly. From living spaces to bedrooms and kitchens, discover the possibilities and create a captivating home that reflects your desired style.

RoomCost for
3BHK Design*
Cost for
3BHK Interior*
Cost for
3BHK Interior*
Kitchen₹3,16,000 – ₹4,00,000₹3,63,000 – ₹4,00,000₹5,99,000 – ₹6,20,000
Living Room₹2,71,190 – ₹3,19,604₹3,56,362 – ₹4,18,618₹4,44,599 – ₹5,19,459
Dining Room₹1,200,42 – ₹1,25,307₹1,57,132 – ₹1,63,128₹1,91,040 – ₹1,98,404
Bedroom 1₹2,72,438 – ₹2,82,220₹3,28,887 – ₹3,39,711₹4,72,031 – ₹4,85,439
Bedroom 2₹2,72,438 – ₹2,82,220₹3,28,887 – ₹3,39,711₹4,72,031 – ₹4,85,439
Bedroom 3₹2,72,438 – ₹2,82,220₹3,28,887 – ₹3,39,711₹4,72,031 – ₹4,85,439
Bathroom₹71,752 – ₹89,976₹86,313 – ₹88,914₹92,339 – ₹92,513
*Discover your personalized interior design journey with us. Please note that the costs mentioned above serve as a reference point and may vary based on factors such as your location, the scope of work, and the size of your home. Connect with our experienced designer today for a complimentary quotation tailored to your specific needs.

Scope Details of Your 3BHK Interior Design Package

Uncover the visual possibilities of your 3 BHK interior design costs based on your specific requirements and the scope of work involved. We provide you with a comprehensive breakdown, allowing you to envision the stunning outcome tailored to your needs. Discover the art of transforming your space with our detailed design breakdown.

Explore cost breakdowns for 3 BHK interior design costs in both renovation and new home projects, providing insights for effective budget planning. Uncover the possibilities for your dream space:

3BHK Interior Design Renovation Cost Breakup

Scope of workCost Breakup*
Detailing of
the entire house and
removal of existing furniture
₹40,000/ to ₹50,000/-
Tiling work for
floor and skirting work
(cost may vary on cost of tiles)
₹1,80,000/- to ₹2,50,000/-
Electrical Work₹2,00,000/- to ₹2,50,000/-
Single bathroom renovation
(tiles and sanitary fixtures)
₹1,80,000/- to ₹3,00,000/-
False Ceiling₹80,000/- to ₹1,40,000/-
Painting₹107,000/- to ₹1,37,000/-
Window₹1,18,000/- to ₹2,24,000/-
Furniture₹6,00,000/- to ₹12,00,00/-
Curtains₹1,10,000/- to ₹1,96,000/-

3bhk interior design cost of a new house

Scope of workCost Breakup*
False ceiling₹80,000/- to ₹1,40,000/-
Painting₹95,000/- to ₹1,25,000/-
Electrical Work₹75,000/- to ₹90,000/-
Furniture₹6,00,000/- to ₹12,00,00/-
Curtains₹1,10,000/- to ₹1,96,000/-
*Discover the perfect interior design solution for your unique needs. Please note that the prices mentioned above are for reference only and may vary depending on factors such as location, scope of work, and home size. Connect with our designer today for a free quotation tailored to your specific requirements. Let’s bring your vision to life!

How much do you need to budget for 3BHK interior design labor cost?

Embarking on a new home design or renovating your existing one? Don’t forget to consider the labor costs involved. Typically, these costs are encompassed within the overall 3BHK interior design cost, whether it’s a minor upgrade or a significant transformation. Plan your project accordingly to ensure a comprehensive budgeting approach.

For a clearer understanding, let’s delve into the labor costs and the scope of work involved in your project. By examining these factors, we can provide you with a comprehensive overview of the tasks at hand and the associated costs. This will ensure transparency and help you make informed decisions about your 3 BHK interior design costs journey.

Painting₹8 to ₹14 Per Sft18%
False Ceiling₹20 to ₹25 Per Sft18%
Carpentry₹200 Per Sft for Panelling work;
₹400 Per Sft for the Storage Work
Total Labour
₹400 to ₹600 Per Sft18%
Please note that the costs provided are for reference purposes only. The exact costs for your 3BHK interior design project may vary based on factors such as your location, scope of work, and prevailing demand and supply dynamics. We recommend consulting with our team to obtain a customized quotation tailored to your specific requirements.

How Can dpod studio Help You?

  • Experience the assurance of a meticulously crafted interior design plan, accompanied by stunning 3D renders. Our team will bring your vision to life, providing you with a clear visualization of your 3BHK space before the actual implementation. Embrace the confidence of a well-designed plan that aligns with your style and preferences.
  • Rest assured, we never compromise on the quality of workmanship or materials used in your 3BHK interior design project. Our commitment to excellence ensures that no corners are cut when it comes to delivering superior craftsmanship and utilizing top-notch materials. Trust us to create a space that not only looks exceptional but also stands the test of time.
  • Count on our highly trained labor force to handle the most intricate and challenging designs and renovations with expertise. Our skilled professionals are equipped to tackle even the trickiest aspects of your 3BHK interior design project, ensuring seamless execution and exceptional results. Rest assured, your vision will be brought to life with precision and finesse.

If you aspire to create a home that exudes timeless beauty, look no further. Embark on your interior design journey by booking an online consultation with dpod studio today. Our expert team is eager to understand your vision and transform your space into a reflection of your unique style and taste. Let’s begin the transformation together.

Disclaimer: Please note that all information provided in this publication is accurate as of the time of publication. Costs, budgets, materials, finishes, and products mentioned, particularly those from the dpod studio catalog, are subject to change based on current market rates. For precise details regarding pricing and availability, we recommend speaking with our designer who will provide you with the most up-to-date information. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.


    1. Where to find top interior designers in Ahmedabad?

    You can find Ahmedabad’s top interior designers at dpod studio, Step into a world of limitless possibilities with our interior design expertise. With over 2000 successful projects under our belt and a specialization in Ahmadabad, we proudly present a diverse collection of 2000+ one-of-a-kind designs to transform your space.

    2. How much does a 3 BHK Interior Design cost in Ahmedabad?

    Embark on an extraordinary journey of interior design in Ahmedabad! Our team brings your dream 3BHK to life with prices ranging from ₹12 Lacs to ₹25 Lacs, tailored to your specific requirements, size, location, and project complexity. Let’s create something remarkable together!


    Latest 2023 ᐅ From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Budget-Friendly 2BHK Interior Design Costs

    Unlocking the Secrets: 2BHK Interior Design Cost Factors and Inspiring dpod studio Homes for Budget-Friendly Interior Designs in Ahmadabad.

    Unlock the potential of your 2BHK apartment with an exhilarating interior design journey. Embrace the chance to showcase your unique style through a careful selection of colors and furniture pieces. Yet, beware of overspending without strategic planning and budgeting. Our comprehensive article outlines the crucial factors affecting the cost of 2BHK interior design and provides invaluable tips for estimating expenses. Discover how to stay within your financial limits while crafting a stunning and personalized haven. With our guidance, you can express your individuality and create an enchanting home without breaking the bank.

    What Affects the 2BHK Interior Design Cost?

    Discovering the perfect price for your 2BHK interior design journey can be as unique as your home itself. While no fixed figures exist, understanding the key elements at play empowers you to gauge the final cost. As a rule of thumb, allocating 10 to 15% of your property’s value is a good starting point. However, bear in mind that customization and specific needs may increase the budget. Delve into the intricacies of 2BHK interior design expenses and unlock the secrets to shaping your ideal space within your financial means.


    #1: Size

    • Expansive Ventures, Elevated Expenses: The Cost of Interior Design Increases as the Coverage Area Widens, Taking into Account the Need for Additional Materials, Furnishings, and Detailed Planning to Transform a Larger Space.

    #2: Design scope

    • Comprehensive Transformations: Inclusive End-to-End Interiors, Encompassing Civil Work, Electricals, Plumbing, and More, Entail Higher Costs due to the Extensive Scope and Integrated Nature of the Design Process.
    • Simplified Scope, Reduced Costs: Focusing on Wardrobes, Kitchen, and Storage in 2BHK Interior Design Leads to Lower Expenses, Streamlining the Budget for a More Targeted and Cost-Efficient Design Approach.

    #3: Renovation vs New Property

    • Renovation Realities: Generally, Interior Design Costs for Renovated Homes Surpass Those of New Ones, Assuming Other Factors Remain Constant, Attributed to the Additional Efforts and Modifications Required to Transform an Existing Space into a New Vision.
    • Renovation Revelations: Demolition, Civil Changes, Plumbing Fixes, Electrical Updates, and Flooring Impact the Costs
    • Water problems: Plumbing leaks and water leaks add to costs, requiring bathroom renovations in older homes

    #4: Materials

    • Finishing Touches Matter: The Choice of Shutters and Carcass Materials Influences 2BHK Interior Design Costs
    • Acrylic: Pricier but Easy to Maintain
    • Laminate: Budget-Friendly and Durable
    • Membrane: Seamlessly Stylish With Maintenance Considerations

    #5: Designer’s fees

    • Transparent Pricing: dpod studio 2BHK Interior Design incorporates designer fees without separate charges, ensuring complete transparency. Our commitment to honesty means no hidden costs, empowering you to plan your budget confidently and enjoy a seamless design experience.
    • Clear Contrast: Market Rates are Ambiguous, Fluctuating Up to 45% from Initial Quote to Final Cost. Varied Approaches to Calculating Interior Design Expenses by Designers Can Cause Confusion and Misinterpretation, Highlighting the Importance of dpod studio Transparent and Consistent Pricing Model.

    #6: Locality

    • Urban Influence: Interior Design Costs for a 2BHK Flat Vary Based on City and Locality Factors. Regional dynamics, cost of living, availability of resources, and market demand contribute to the overall pricing structure. Understanding the geographical impact enables informed budgeting and tailored design solutions for each specific location.
    • Luxury Locale, Elevated Costs: Interior Design Expenses for a 2BHK in an Upscale Locality Reflect Higher Price Points. Factors such as prime real estate value, premium materials, and affluent aesthetics influence the overall cost. A tailored approach ensures a lavish and sophisticated design that aligns with the exclusivity of the surroundings.
    • Location Disparity: Variation of 5% to 15% in Product, Service, Raw Material, and Labor Costs Based on Different Geographic Areas. Factors like market dynamics, availability, transportation, and regional economies contribute to these variations. Recognizing the location-specific price differentials assists in accurate cost estimation and budget planning for successful interior design endeavors.

    #7: Design Preferences

    • Design Style and Complexity Drive Costs: The Choice of Interior Design Style and Level of Complexity Directly Impact the Overall Cost of 2BHK Interior Design, Tailoring the Price to Match Your Unique Vision.
    • Wooden Elegance: Embracing the Scandinavian Style with its Abundance of Wood in Interiors can Incur Higher Costs compared to Simpler Design Styles, Reflecting the Premium Quality and Craftsmanship Involved.

    How to Calculate Your 2BHK Interior Design Budget? Considering these essential cost factors


    Unleash your unique interior vision! The cost per sq. ft. for your dream design is influenced by various factors. Check out the table below for key components to consider when calculating, but remember, the final price is tailored to your individual needs. Let your creativity thrive!

    FactorsCost Range*Notes
    Furniture₹1200 to ₹2500 per sq. ft.Unleash your creativity! To achieve a budget-friendly design, consider laminate options for the kitchen, wardrobe, paneling, and storage units. Let your unique style shine through without breaking the bank.
    FurnishingsCurtains – ₹30,000 to ₹70,000
    Sofa – Starting from ₹30,000 to ₹1,00,000
    Flooring₹175 to ₹450 per sq. ft.For wooden laminate,
    vinyl and SPC flooring
    Ceiling₹175 to ₹300 per sq. ft.Ignite your imagination with a gypsum false ceiling adorned with electrical work and light fixtures. The cost depends on the design, but incorporating laminate or wooden elements can elevate it by 20% to 40%. Craft a captivating ceiling that captures your unique style.
    Painting₹75 to ₹115 per sq. ft.The carpet area of the property
    Civil WorkBasic Civil Work – ₹50,000 to ₹1,10,000For wooden laminate,
    vinyl, and SPC flooring

    Unlock your dream 2BHK design! Please note that the prices mentioned above are exclusive of 18% GST and are estimates. Your total charges may vary based on factors like city, labor costs, materials, finishes, design intricacy, and home size. Let your personalized design journey unfold!

    Embrace the magic of design! For 600 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. 2BHK, here’s an estimated cost breakdown considering all design components. Let your imagination flourish within this canvas of possibilities.

    LayoutSq. Ft. RangeTotal Interior Cost (Approx)*
    2BHK600 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft.₹700,000 – ₹15,00,000
    Please note that the interior design costs provided are for reference purposes only. The final costs may vary based on your specific requirements, home size, and location. Contact our designer today for a complimentary quote and embark on your design journey.

    Estimating 2BHK design cost with furniture finishes estimates


    Unlock the allure of your 2BHK interior design cost by considering furniture finishes. Discover budget-friendly options in the table below to find the perfect finish that complements your vision.

    FinishesCost Range*Scope
    SF Laminate₹1600 to ₹2000 per sheetIndulge in the elegance of alluring matte laminates, ranging from captivating solid colors to mesmerizing wooden finishes. Elevate your space with these versatile design elements, adding a touch of sophistication to your 2BHK interior.
    Glossy Laminate₹1800 to ₹3000 per sheetEmbrace the allure of glossy laminates, MR laminates, and MR+tuff, along with high gloss laminates. Elevate your design with their stunning finish options.
    acrylic laminate₹6000 to ₹9000 per sheetExplore the cost variations based on thickness (up to 2mm) and finish nature (like anti-scratch) to create your desired look.
    Veneer₹4000 to ₹14,500 per sheetDiscover the cost-efficient allure of engineered veneer, surpassing the expense of natural veneer. Dive into the captivating world of smoked veneer, where luxury meets premium pricing.
    Duco₹150 to ₹300 per sq. ft.Immerse yourself in the versatility of Duco finishes, offering captivating solid colors. For a touch of shimmer, indulge in metallic colors at an additional cost. Let your style shine through!
    PU₹250 to ₹600 per sq. ft.Discover the budget-friendly charm of clear PU finishes, offering a cost-effective option compared to solid and metallic PU alternatives. Let your design shine without breaking the bank.
    *Note that the mentioned prices are estimates and exclude 18% GST. Actual charges can vary based on city, labor, materials, design, and home size. Let’s create your unique space together!

    How Can dpod studio Help You?

    • With a track record of success, we’ve crafted exceptional designs for over 2K homes. Join our satisfied clients and let us transform your space into something extraordinary.
    • Experience the cutting-edge of design with Durability cabinets, Anti Bubble, and Aqua Bloc technologies. Our personalized 3D visuals bring your 2BHK home to life, ensuring perfection in every detail.
    • Experience peace of mind with 146 rigorous quality checks and a flat 10-year warranty*. Our 2BHK interior designs combine stunning aesthetics with long-lasting durability, ensuring your satisfaction for years to come.

    Unlock the benefits of our warranty* for select finishes on modular products. Visit https://thedpod.com/ for a comprehensive understanding of the warranty coverage and enjoy worry-free satisfaction.

    Transform your dream 2BHK home into reality with dpod studio. Book an online consultation now and embark on your design journey. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

    Curious about our customer experiences? Dive into dpod studio reviews for a firsthand glimpse into the satisfaction our clients have found working with us. Explore the details and be inspired!

    Disclaimer: Please be aware that the contents of this story were accurate at the time of publication. Costs, budgets, materials, finishes, and dpod studio catalogue products mentioned may have changed due to market fluctuations. Additionally, the showcased designs are subject to availability and may vary based on the year they were created. For up-to-date pricing and availability information, kindly consult with our designer.


      What factors should I consider before arriving at a 2BHK interior design cost?

      When calculating your interior design cost, factors like property size, valuation, age, materials, designer fees, locality, and design preferences play a vital role. Customize your budget and create a space that perfectly reflects your style.

      What is the cost of hiring an interior designer for a 2BHK space?

      Unlock your personalized interior design journey! The cost of hiring an interior designer is unique to each individual and can differ based on location and project scope. Let our experts tailor a design experience that fits your budget and vision.

      What is the cost of Interior Design for a 2 BHK Flat in Ahmedabad?

      Unveil the customized cost for your project! Factors such as flat size, property age, and more will influence the final expenses. Let us curate a design plan tailored to your specific needs and bring your vision to life.