Colorful Serenity: Transform Your Kitchen With Vastu-Approved Colors For Positivity

Kitchen With Vastu-Approved – Discover the best kitchen color selection guide based on Vastu principles. Find the ideal color for each kitchen section and stay away from unfavorable choices.

Are you curious about the ideal kitchen color per Vastu principles? While white is a popular choice, there are lesser-known colors that are equally suitable. Here’s a glimpse of popular Vastu-approved colors that can complement your kitchen beautifully, to help you make an informed decision.

Check out our list of colors to avoid, along with our particular recommendations for countertops, walls, and floors. Make sure to read till the end to make sure you don’t miss any vital information!

Kitchen With Vastu-Approved : Discover The Best Allusions For Positive Energy

Highlight the recommended kitchen colors as per Vastu principles. Dive into our concise guide that explains the symbolism behind each color to help you transform your kitchen in the perfect hue.

Vastu ColoursWhat do they symbolize
WhitePurity and Positivity
GreenHope and harmony
YellowEnergy and freshness
Chocolate Brownwarmth and satisfaction
PeachSoftness and Nutrition
Metallic HuesProductivity and peace
BeigePeace and Relaxation

Next, we’ll look at the intricacies of each color:


Kitchen With Vastu-Approved

Orange is a vibrant color that promotes optimism and enhances relationships, making it an excellent choice for a minimalist kitchen. Additionally, saffron orange symbolizes strength and courage, while light brick orange evokes energy and excitement.

Not only is orange a great choice for a southeast kitchen as per Vastu, but it also provides positive energy. Armed with this knowledge, you can now confidently choose a kitchen color that suits your preferences and creates the desired ambiance in your space.

White color kitchen


White, which is considered a pure and positive color as per Vastu principles, symbolizes cleanliness and brightens up the kitchen. Its association with lighting further enhances its suitability, making it an ideal choice for functional and harmonious kitchen environments.

To enhance the energy of your kitchen, embrace the power of white, the kitchen top color as per Vastu. Especially if your kitchen faces the North-West direction, choosing a white color will enhance the positive energy and create an auspicious atmosphere in your culinary space.

Green color kitchen


Don’t ignore green while choosing kitchen colors according to Vastu. A symbol of hope and harmony, it blends seamlessly with nature and infuses a serene atmosphere in your kitchen. Embrace the soothing power of green to create a harmonious and refreshing cooking environment.

Incorporating green elements like a kitchen island is in line with Feng Shui principles, giving you added benefits. According to Feng Shui, the color green promotes healthy digestion, making it a wise choice for enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and overall well-being in your kitchen.

Red color kitchen

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In Hindu scriptures, the color red is associated with the element of fire and is believed to bring happiness and fortune when used in kitchen decor, according to Vastu principles. Adding red color to your kitchen design generates positive energy, creating a vibrant and auspicious environment.

The red kitchen symbolizes resilience in the face of life’s challenges. Additionally, if your kitchen faces the southeast, then choosing red as your color of choice is a smart decision that is in line with Vastu principles.

Yellow color kitchen


For a kitchen-friendly color selection, look no further than yellow. Vastu suggests that the color yellow communicates energy, freshness and happiness, which are important elements for creating a positive and vibrant environment in your kitchen.

Ideal for kitchens lacking direct sunlight, yellow mimics the warmth of natural light without harsh reflections, creating a relaxing ambiance. It is the perfect color choice to give your kitchen a welcoming and bright ambiance.

Choose yellow as the ideal Vastu color for a dimly lit kitchen. Its positive energy and ability to evoke happiness make it an excellent choice to brighten up and enhance the ambiance of your kitchen.

Pink color kitchen


When it comes to choosing pastel shades in line with Vastu principles, pink is the leader in kitchen colours. A symbol of love, it symbolizes the dominant spirit in the kitchens of joyous homes where people gather, enjoy delicious food and share meaningful conversations.

To enhance the joyful atmosphere and extend it to your entire home, it is highly recommended to include a touch of pink in your kitchen. A harmonious mix of pink, crisp white and vibrant red comprise the essential Vastu colors for the kitchen, further enhancing its suitability.

Chocolate Brown color kitchen


Although chocolate is not a common choice, chocolate is an excellent kitchen color as per Vastu principles. It creates warmth and satisfaction, creating a space brimming with positive emotions that ensure an enjoyable culinary experience.

For south-west facing kitchens, earthy tones are an ideal choice, complementing modern kitchen designs flawlessly.

Peach color kitchen


Choose a warm and delightful shade of peach to enhance the ambiance of your kitchen. Peach is recommended as a kitchen color in Vastu, which promotes strong family ties and symbolizes peace, tenderness, and nourishment.

Metallic Hues color kitchen


Integrating metal elements in the kitchen promotes productivity, calmness and clear thinking. Enhance these features by creating a cohesive and functional space by incorporating metal accents in hardware such as light fixtures, drawer handles and faucets.

Beige color kitchen


Apart from the above-mentioned colours, light colors are also preferred as kitchen colors in Vastu for Indian homes. If you prefer a neutral color other than white, beige is an excellent choice, providing a subtle and versatile color option for your kitchen.

Are you looking for design inspiration for your kitchen using these colors? Explore our collection of modular kitchen design ideas for creative inspiration and innovative solutions.

Vastu Vibes: Avoid These Kitchen Colors For Harmonious Energy

Now that you are aware of the recommended kitchen colors as per Vastu, let us know about the colors that you should stay away from.

  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Dark Brown
  • Purple

To ensure a Vastu-compliant kitchen, it is advised to avoid dark colors. Choose neutral or pastel colors for a harmonious and balanced ambiance in your culinary area.

Vastu-Approved Kitchen Platform: Discover The Best Colors For Positive Energy


Vastu Shastra stresses on the importance of choosing the right material for your kitchen platforms and slabs. As per Vastu principles, natural stones like quartz and granite are highly recommended, which ensure a harmonious and balanced kitchen environment.

Looking to add a touch of sophistication? Consider wood for a luxurious touch. Choose neutral colors such as beige, wood tones or white for your kitchen slabs to achieve optimum results and create a stylish aesthetic.

Vastu-Approved Kitchen Flooring: Discover The Best Colors For Positive Energy

Adhere to vastu guidelines by selecting ceramic, wooden, or marble tiles for your kitchen floors. Avoid dark colors that may attract negative energy, promoting a positive and harmonious environment in your kitchen.

Choose a light brown, cream or beige color for your kitchen floor, as these colors bring stability and warmth to family relationships, making them ideal choices for a harmonious kitchen environment.

Vastu-Approved Kitchen Cabinets: Find The Best Colors For Positive Energy


Create an eye-catching aesthetic and create a positive vibe in your kitchen by incorporating two or three carefully chosen colors into your cabinet design. Choosing the right colors for your kitchen cabinets can really enhance their overall look and feel.

When choosing kitchen cabinet colors, make sure they align with the colors recommended for the direction of your kitchen. Here is a handy guide to help you choose the right cabinet colors as per Vastu principles.

  • North-facing kitchen: Blue, green and brown
  • South and South: East-facing kitchen: Red, maroon, pink, orange, or brown
  • West-facing kitchen: Silver and white

The magic of kitchen color: find the ideal colors for walls and furniture

To create a calming ambiance, choose light colors on your kitchen walls and furniture. Avoid bold or dark colors for the walls as they can make the space look cluttered and heavy. Choose calming colors to promote a calm and inviting kitchen environment.

To get a well-curated look in line with Vastu principles, consider wooden finish furniture. Wood is a recommended material and its neutral tones match beautifully with lighter-colored walls, creating a harmonious and balanced aesthetic in your kitchen.

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    Q1: What is the significance of choosing Vastu-approved colors for the kitchen?

    A: According to Vastu Shastra, colors have an impact on energy flow and can influence the overall harmony and positivity in the kitchen.

    Q2: Which colors are considered best for kitchen walls and furniture as per Vastu?

    A: Ideal colors for kitchen walls and furniture as per Vastu include earthy tones like white, cream, beige, light yellow, light green, and pastel shades.

    Q3: Are there any colors to avoid for kitchen cabinets as per Vastu?

    A: It is recommended to avoid dark or black colors for kitchen cabinets according to Vastu principles.

    Q4: Can I incorporate multiple colors in my kitchen as per Vastu?

    A: Yes, you can use a combination of Vastu-approved colors in your kitchen to create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.

    Q5: Why is choosing the right color for the kitchen platform important as per Vastu?

    A: The color of the kitchen platform, according to Vastu, can influence the overall energy and positivity in the kitchen space.

    Q6: Which color is considered the best for kitchen platforms as per Vastu Shastra?

    A: Vastu recommends using light or pastel shades like white, cream, beige, light yellow, or light green for kitchen platforms.

    Q7: Can I choose a different color for the kitchen platform than the walls?

    A: Yes, you can opt for a different color for the kitchen platform as long as it aligns with the Vastu principles of positive energy flow.

    Q8: Are there any colors to avoid for kitchen platforms as per Vastu?

    A: It is advisable to avoid dark or black colors for the kitchen platform, as they are believed to create heavy or negative energy in the space.

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