Latest 2023 ᐅ What are the 5 secrets to making your 1 bhk interior design look bigger?

Struggling to find space in your 1 bhk interior design Ahmedabad? Even if you organize everything in place, there are mysteries to the art of interior design that will make your 1BHK look bigger and more spacious.

The question is how do you implement and manage a functional 1 bhk interior design in the aspects of space planning, creative interiors, and clever outlook?

Read on to discover the secrets to smart interior design for your 1BHK and multi-purpose elements to make the most of your living space!

Multi-functional Furniture

Convertible furniture is multiple-purpose and flexible to our use. Multi-functional furniture like sofa-cum bed with convertible armrests, sleeper chairs, adjustable recliner beds, folding desks, and dinner tables take different forms to pull double duty. Another trick is used to install a Murphy bed on the wall that is fordable vertically when not in use. These ingenious furniture designs are not only space-saving for your 1 bhk interior design flat but cost-effective.

Look for Sleek Storage Options

Storage areas are one of the best options to be clever when it comes to the interior design of a 1BHK flat. It is the convenient and most flexible option to go about space-saving. To maintain a clean outlook, use hidden storage, multi-functional storage drawers, combine cabinets, open-up shelves, and wall-mounted off-the-floor storage are some of the clever and sleek storage options to make every inch useful.

Open Layouts Interior Design

Open Layouts for 1 bhk interior design elongate the original area. The classic way to do it is to combine the living room and kitchen. You can also share an open layout between the kitchen and dining area transforming the small space to look and feel more expansive and open. You can add on creative partition walls or dividers with shelves to get both privacy and storage in one.

Minimal Decor Style

By minimalist decor, we do not mean simple or boring! Minimalist decors are inclined toward modern interior design with bare essentials in place to create an uncluttered space where things are arranged in clean lines. Secondly, using mirrors makes light and images reflect from different angles to draw an illusion of large space and depth in the room. This makes your 1 bhk interior design flat look bigger and more spacious than they are.

Go By Cool Colors

If you’re designing a room that is already cramped in size, look up to cool and pastel hues like green, blue, purple, and neutrals to offset the feeling of a small space. When sunlight falls on these cool shades, it embraces cozy places making them appear large and airy. On the other hand, choose a bold color for the feature wall of the room to make your 1 bhk interior design feel elegant and lively.

Quick Notes to Keep in Mind

Apart from these primary secrets of 1 bhk interior design for space-saving and clever ideas, here are creative tips to make the most of your living space:

  • Using sliding wardrobes in modern furniture are space-savers compared to swing-door furniture.
  • Sleek and wall-mounted furniture will be your best friend to save space without compromising the interior design.
  • Bringing about vertical design elements like full-length mirrors or decor not only adds style elements but also enhances the height of the ceiling.
  • Use neutral color rugs matching a color scheme on the wall that does not hide the floor space and rather makes it expansive.
  • Consult design experts for interior solutions that aesthetically maximize your house space.
  • Optimize corner shelves and floating storage solutions instead of free-standing storage.
  • Opt for modular kitchens which comprise drawers, cabinets, and contemporary concepts that seem very much organized to the limited spaces and make up for the modern appearance & design styles.
  • Play by the seating arrangement in your living space with folding chairs and quirky ottomans that also serves as a box.

We hope you love these beautiful space-saving ideas! If you’re wondering to seek some professional help from interior designers, feel free to reach out at Dpod Studio.

Book an online consultation with our interior design experts to build the home of your dreams! Alternatively, you can send us an email at for any inquiries or suggestions.

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